43 thoughts on “We wish you a Merry Christmas | Instrumental with lyrics

  1. Lagueux Sharon says:

    Can I used this Christmas song in my Christmas video with my house decorated. I love this song and you did a fantastic job performing it.Loved!!!! But feel I need permission to do so.

  2. Piano Covers PPIA says:

    I tried making a piano cover of this very beautiful song in my channel. Thanks for sharing this video! Really enjoyed it!

  3. B.J. Hubbard says:

    I always think of the show ‘Phineas and Ferb’ when I see the “we won’t go until we get some figgy pudding” part. Not sure if it’s actuly from that tho

  4. Moises De Anda says:

    Go visit my channel i made an arrangement of this song. Hope you all like it

  5. Cindy McC says:

    In my opinion this is one of the most used and popular songs (besides carol of the bells) during Christmas. The add that had this song before it played confirmed this

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