31 thoughts on “Vietnam Karaoke Girls 酒店 YouTube

  1. Mike Age says:

    well it s ur buisiness if u hang out with these girl (i know most of em dont like their job, it s just a way to get money) i wont jugde u for that.  but it s disgusting how u humiliate them by showing them off on youtube.

  2. Christian says:

    to all vietnamese, if u see a white guy in the street in vietnam kick his fucking ass, they come there to get our girl with their fucking money

  3. 한충규 says:

    베트남 여자들은 노래방에 취직하면 그 안에서 일만합니까?
    아니면 남자랑 둘이 놀아납니까?
    남자랑놀면 어떤짓을 합니까?

  4. Indra AsianPride says:

    Its all up to the girl… if she like you and want to earn extra she will follow you… my experience with vietnamese girls has been great all this year.. be honest,polite n respect them and they will treat you like their bf or husband while you in ho chi minh..

  5. lomrithsa says:

    this place the girl just sit with you drinking singing and conversation that it it not prostitution place it like japanes hostes bar

  6. VănTrung Trần says:

    sàm lồn . bộ chỉ mình vn mại dâm thôi à hầu như là toàn cầu điều đang phát triển ngành mại dâm này.

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