42 thoughts on “Tinh Võ Môn (Lý Tiểu Long) – Fist of Fury(Bruc Lee) Part2

  1. 0mar Jhungoor says:

    Bruce Lee is a true legand by hart. A man with great fighting skills and great fighting technic. There will never be onther Bruce Lee again. RIP.

  2. Richard Storm says:

    I would have been like, "Okay, everyone! When I count to three, everyone storm him at the same time and get him to the ground!" :p

  3. Lajos Tóth says:

    Ok. Ajánlom a Második Bruce Lee Akciófilmet a YouTube Csatornán. Bruce Lee Tomboló ököl./Fist of Fury. 1972. Bruce lee. (1940. USA-1973. China.) YouTube.

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