Queen – Killer Queen (Karaoke Version)

Karaoke sing along of “Killer Queen” by Queen from Sing King Karaoke
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26 thoughts on “Queen – Killer Queen (Karaoke Version)

  1. Pengu 96 says:

    Killer queen sounds like the perfect theme to a really sadistic villain. For example I’m going to be using kira because, well Killer Queen, if he were either a lot more higher class or did a lot more villainous things instead of just taking people’s hands I’m sure this would be a great theme for him. Think of a rich, classy villain who looks or is semi-stable but their acts are far more on the insane side of the spectrum, not like joker level but on the level of ball dancing in an empty room with a dead body and classical music playing in the background. That level of insane, that is what killer Queen makes me think of

  2. Dachxqb Letamrt says:

    i have no idea what notes im supposed to sing ons dynamite with a laser beam
    Me:*sings the song at the right speed*
    Lyrics: *on the next line
    Me: DAMN IT

  3. I’m Bored says:

    Killer Queen:
    To avoid complications
    I never keep the same address
    In conversation
    I email like a baroness
    Met a man from China
    Went down to Geisha Minah
    (Killer, killer, she's a killer Queen)
    But then again incidentally
    If you're that way inclined

    Perfume came naturally from Paris
    For cars I couldn't care less
    Fastidious and precise
    I'm a Killer Queen

    (She's a Killer Queen)
    Gunpowder, gelatine
    Dynamite with a laser beam
    Guaranteed to blow your mind

    Killer Queen:
    Drop of a hat I'm as willing as
    Playful as a pussy cat
    Then momentarily out of action
    Temporarily out of gas
    To absolutely drive you wild, wild..
    I'm all out to get you…

  4. Nathaniel Pettigrew says:

    Queen entered the chat
    Killer Queen already touched this comment section
    I wanted the Karaoke Version of "my mother's eyes-alec Benjamin"

  5. Lucia Ortiz says:

    Freddie: for cars she couldn't care less
    Roger: triggared what did you just say??? >:v
    Also Roger: throws the coffee machine
    Freddie: Roger what did you do?
    Ok i'll shut up now 😂

  6. Evelyn Scamander says:

    I have to learn almost all the Queen songs for s school production called “we will rock you” I auditioned for scaramouche but got a lead singer…. I was also meant to have a line as a teen queen / lead singer, but they changed the rehearsal schedule and I didn’t know so because I didn’t turn up, they gave it to someone else 🙁 I have auditioned for a main character or even a speaking part ever since I went into secondary school and met year will be my lastI chance because the year after, year 11 peeps can’t do shows bc they have GCSE exams one like =a chance I might get a role next year

  7. iris binnington says:

    The ‘she’s a killer queen’ bit is really hard because it’s usually a four part harmony with no main note but I can’t sing four notes at once :/

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