How to fake a ventilation door

Instructions for counterfeiting ventilation doors with sand and cement materials. The channel shares experiences of sculpting sculptures from sand and cement and videos of everyday life. You watch videos or remember to share likes and subscriptions. Thank you for your interest. Register and follow here


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24 thoughts on “How to fake a ventilation door

  1. Life Art says:

    Subscribe to the Life Art channel, like and comment to support me to continue creating new videos. Thank you!

  2. DLoad This1 says:

    Thank you for sharing your incredible ability with us. You have an amazing talent! I think you should move to America and maybe work for Disneyland or Las Vegas.

  3. Hung Vu says:

    Công đắp hoàn thiện 1 ngôi nhà hết khoảng 5trăm triệu tiền đắp không đến chứ bạn?

  4. baik 0717 says:

    You have a lot of artistic ability.

    But the title of the video is a bit awkward.

    It is preferable to say "환기구의 문양을 만드는 법" rather than "환기구를 위조하는 법."

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